Paxton Prevails in Lawsuit Against Biden Administration!

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has secured another legal victory against the Biden Administration regarding mask and vaccine mandates for Head Start programs. WBAP reported that in December 2021, Paxton filed a lawsuit against the Administration over its plan to require children and teachers to wear masks in all Head Start programs, which was subsequently followed by the mandate for staff and volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Ken Paxton
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton prevails in lawsuit against Biden administration. (PHOTO: Wikipedia)

Paxton Prevails in Lawsuit

The lawsuit argued that the federal government was overstepping its authority and interfering with the rights of states and individuals. A federal judge has now permanently set aside the Biden Administration’s mask and vaccine mandates, siding with Paxton on the issue.

Paxton has been a vocal critic of President Biden’s COVID mandates and immigration policies, having sued the Administration over 20 times in total. This latest court ruling is a major victory for the Texas Attorney General and his ongoing legal battles with the federal government.

In response to the ruling, Paxton said that “the Biden Administration’s attempt to use the Head Start program to mask toddlers and force the vaccine on staff and volunteers has now been permanently defeated.” He also stated that the court order would prevent the rule from ever being implemented in the future.

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Win for the State of Texas

This decision is not only a win for Paxton and the state of Texas, but it also has wider implications for the ongoing debate over mask and vaccine mandates. The ruling sets a precedent that could impact similar cases in other states, and it reaffirms the power of states to make decisions regarding their own public health policies.

Overall, this latest victory for Ken Paxton is a significant milestone in his efforts to protect the rights of Texans and push back against federal overreach.

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