James Corden Takes a Shower in Kylie Jenner’s Office, Kris Jenner Freaks Out!

James Corden made an unexpected stop at Kylie Cosmetics’ office for a shower and Kris Jenner’s reaction was hilarious.

James Corden was caught by Kris Jenner in Kylie Jenner’s shower. (Photo: The Mirror)

James Corden as Kris Jenner’s Assistant for a Day

James Corden, the beloved talk show host of The Late Late Show, recently had a side gig as Kris Jenner’s assistant for a day, and hilarity ensued.

In a segment that aired on April 11, James Corden took over the duties of the Kardashian matriarch’s assistant, but not before taking an unexpected detour to Kylie Cosmetics’ office for a shower, ENews reported.

Kris Jenner screamed in the April 11 video when she opens the bathroom at Kylie Jenner’s office to find a naked James Corden. Kris yelled to James Corden telling him to go out of the shower and get a towel.

James Corden shouted for some privacy as Kris joked, “I could get in a lot of trouble for this. Someone could sue us for this!”

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James Corden Takes on Assistant Duties

Despite a brief interruption when James Corden had to use the bathroom, he didn’t let it stop him from fulfilling his duties as an assistant. He quickly got back on track after his shower, dressed up, and brought Khloe Kardashian a salad.

They even reenacted the famous salad shake seen on The Kardashians, adding some fun by shaking their meal in different directions.

But James Corden’s day wasn’t over yet. He had to hand-feed lunch to Khloe Kardashian, and then Kim Kardashian needed his assistance to drive her to the gas station so she could buy gum and gummy bears.

James Corden even joked around, pretending to be a secret service agent to keep Kim unknown at the gas station, making everyone laugh.

After completing his tasks for the day, including making phone calls for Kris Jenner, James playfully filmed confessional scenes, impersonating the  Kardashian-Jenner reality show style. He joked about Kris’s changed perception of him after his shower and teased Khloe, but with a twinkle in his eye.

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