Human Smuggling in Texas: Border Agents Busted Almost 60 Migrants Loaded In A Penske Truck

Human smuggling continues to be a major issue along the southern border of the United States. Texas Breaking News reported many incidents regarding human smuggling, with law enforcement officials frequently busting smugglers and rescuing immigrants who are being trafficked into the country illegally.

Human smuggling
Human smuggling in Texas. 60 migrants were found loaded in a Penske Truck. (PHOTO: Fox News)

Human Smuggling in Texas

Recently, border agents caught an alleged human smuggler with almost 60 migrants crammed in the back of a Penske truck. Marquez Oviel, the driver, who was identified as an undocumented migrant from Mexico, was taken into custody and is now confronting federal accusations of human smuggling. The immigrants, 49 men and 9 women from Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala, were referred to border patrol, Fox News reported.

This incident is just one of many that have been occurring along the Texas border. Law enforcement officials have reported several other cases of human smuggling and trafficking, including a disrupted child-smuggling incident and three dozen illegal immigrants wearing camouflage while hiding in a cave.

The increase in illegal immigration has become so alarming that Governor Greg Abbott of Texas initiated Operation Lone Star in March 2021 as a response. The operation aims to prevent criminal activities along the border, including criminal trespassing, smuggling, and human trafficking.

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Disaster Declaration In May 2021

Governor Abbott issued a disaster declaration in May 2021 that applies to 48 counties, mostly situated along or in proximity to the border. This proclamation instructs the Texas Department of Public Safety to employ all resources within its reach to execute all relevant state and federal laws.

Smugglers often subject their victims to harsh conditions, including cramped spaces, extreme temperatures, and a lack of necessities such as food and water. Many immigrants who are smuggled into the country are forced to work in dangerous and exploitative conditions, often for little or no pay.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to combat human smuggling and trafficking along the Texas border. These efforts are critical in ensuring the safety and well-being of immigrants who are seeking a better life in the United States. However, more needs to be done to address the root causes of human smugglings, such as poverty, lack of economic opportunities, and political instability in the immigrants’ home countries.

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