Hays County Property Appraisals Increase by 24% in 2023, Owners Can File Online Appeals 

The Hays County property appraisals increase by 24% in 2023 and property owners can now file online appeals if they think the values are inaccurate.

Hays County Property appraisal
The Hays County Property appraisal 2023 roll has risen to $69.89 billion, which is a 24% increase from $56.35 billion in 2022. (Photo: Housing)

Hays County Property Appraisals Increase 24%

This week, homeowners can expect to receive Hays County property appraisals notice in their mailboxes as Texas is preparing to pay their federal income tax bills.

According to Hays County Chief Appraiser Laura Raven, the Hays Central Appraisal District has officially scheduled the mailing of 121,500 appraisal notices for April 18.

The Hays County property appraisals notice informs property owners of the appraised value of their properties, which is used to calculate property taxes.

The overall market value of Hays County’s 2023 preliminary appraisal roll has risen to $69.89 billion, which is a 24% increase from $56.35 billion in 2022, San Marcos Daily Record reported.

This increase is attributed to various factors, including the addition of over 5,200 new homes and 26 new commercial buildings to the appraisal roll for 2023, as well as total new improvements adding more than $2.34 billion in taxable value.

Raven acknowledged that property tax revenues collected by local taxing units are used to fund essential services such as schools, emergency services, firefighting, police, libraries, and more.

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Hays County Property Appraisals: How to File an Appeal

Raven explained that property owners have the right to appeal the Hays County property appraisals if they believe the values are inaccurate. There is a 30-day window to file an appeal, with a deadline of May 18.

Appeals can be filed online at www.hayscad.com, by emailing the appeal to [email protected], or by mailing it to Hays CAD 21001 N. IH 35, Kyle, Texas 78640.

There is also a drop box at the district office for in-person submissions.

Raven emphasized that the Hays County property appraisal process is not complicated, but property owners can be better prepared by taking a few steps early in the process if they wish to challenge their appraised value.

In addition to filing an appeal, there are other avenues to potentially reduce property tax bills, such as applying for a homestead exemption or a senior exemption if the property owner is over 65 years old.

Raven’s office routinely sends out information on how to file a protest and how to file for exemptions with the Hays County property appraisals notice.

She encouraged property owners to be a part of the rate-setting process by participating in discussions about tax rates conducted by taxing units such as the city and school districts.

Information on the tax rate-setting process for each taxing unit will be available starting August 7 at hays.countytaxrates.com.

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