Galveston County Judge Push for Statewide Property Assessment Reform and Mental Health Care

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry laid out the county’s 2023 agenda during the April 19 State of the County address. His agenda includes financing mental health care in the county, meaningful property assessment reform, and eliminating the county treasurer’s office.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry discussed on April 19 the county’s priorities, including mental health infrastructure and property assessment reform. (Photo: Community Impact)

Galveston County Judge Takes Lead on Mental Health Care

Galveston County Judge Henry talked about the county’s efforts to create and maintain infrastructure when it comes to responding to mental health crises in the County.

The Galveston County Judge said they have been trying to take a lead on mental health funding. Unfortunately, the state has kind of stepped away from that, but Henry said they are going to do the best they can to fill the gap.

Galveston County Judge said the county had made efforts to build more infrastructure to respond to mental health crises, Community Impact reported.

Their efforts include establishing a specialty court to process and assist mentally ill defendants. He believes that more can be done, including constructing an extended observation unit.

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Galveston County Judge Explains Property Assessments

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry explains that property assessments are run by Texas, and not by the local government. He said that they have been trying to work together to get the state to first take ownership of the system of property assessments.

He said, “They do a very good job of saying it’s a local thing. The tax rate is a local thing; that’s a true statement. The assessment is not a local thing.”

Aside from tax reform and building infrastructure for mental health care, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry also emphasized his office’s endeavors to urge voters in Galveston to eliminate the county treasurer’s office held by Hank Dugie.

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