Colorado Home Depot Customer Attacked By Dog: Victim Needs Facial Surgery!

A Colorado home depot customer was peacefully shopping last month. But sadly, she was bitten in the face by a canine and needs to undergo facial surgery because of the attack, Fox News reported.

Colorado Home Depot Customer Attacked By Dog
Colorado Home Depot Customer Attacked By Dog, Victim Needs Facial Surgery! (PHOTO: Yahoo News)

Colorado Home Depot Customer Attacked By Dog

The Colorado home depot customer was just visiting the store in Evergreen when a dog owner and a trainer approached them. Reports said that the dog owner asked the customer to give the dog a treat as part of its training, the customer agreed but suddenly, the canine attacked and bit her in the face.

Surprisingly, the owner and trainer fled the scene and left the customer. Employees hurriedly attended to the victim and help the customer. The owner and the trainer were caught on the surveillance camera of the store.

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Colorado Home Depot Customer Sustained Serious Injuries!

The attack caused the victim serious injuries and will need to undergo facial surgery, police reports say. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident and posted surveillance photos of the two women, and eventually located the suspects.

Sheriff’s office explained that the owner would be held accountable for restitution. Dogs are typically quarantined for 10 days to ensure they don’t show any behaviors associated with rabies.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the case. No charges have been announced up to date.

In conclusion, the incident in Colorado Home Depot where a customer was bitten by a canine, has left the area puzzled. The owner and trainer’s behavior has led to debates on the proper and responsible handling of pets.

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