American Idol Judges Reveal Top 24 Contestants in Nail-Biting Episode

The latest episode of “American Idol” brought in some major surprises as the American Idol judges  Katy PerryLuke Bryan, and Lionel Richie narrowed down the contestants to the top 24.

American Idol judges
The American Idol judges have said multiple times that this season’s contestants are the best yet. (Photo: Newsbreak)

American Idol Judges Reveal Top 24 Contestants

Despite being touted as the best batch of contestants yet, not everyone could make it to the next round.

One of the most shocking eliminations was that of Kaylin Hedges, who received a platinum ticket after her audition and was considered a frontrunner. However, the American Idol judges ultimately decided she wasn’t ready for the top 24, citing experience and timing as the reasons, USA Today reported.

Another contestant, Fire, who had shared her struggles of being raised in foster care and working as a stripper, also didn’t make the cut. Although American Idol judges commended her on the growth she showed during the competition, it wasn’t enough to secure a spot in the top 24.

The episode also featured a dramatic sing-off between close friends PJAE and Malik Heard, both of whom were R&B singers.

After a tough decision, PJAE made it to the top 24, but the American Idol judges were so impressed with Heard’s performance that they decided to move another contestant out of the competition to make room for him.

The other contestants who made it to the top 24 were Tyson Venegas, Lucy Love, Zachariah Smith, Michael Williams, Nutsa, Warren Peay, Haven Madison, Kaeyra, and Wé Ani.

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Contestants Grateful to American Idol Judges Despite Elimination

Despite the heartbreaking eliminations, the contestants who didn’t make it to the top 24 still expressed gratitude for their “American Idol” experience. They wholeheartedly thanked the American Idol judges.

The competition continues with more top 24 reveals in the upcoming episode. With such a talented pool of contestants, American Idol judges are thrilled about who will make it to the top. It will be exciting to see who makes it to the final round and eventually wins the coveted title of “American Idol.”

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