American Idol Auditions: Katy Perry Faces Criticism For ‘Condescending’ Behavior

The American Idol auditions have been full of drama, and Katy Perry‘s recent behavior has only added to the controversy. Perry faced criticism for being “condescending” and “rude” to contestants during the duet round of Hollywood Week. Fans were quick to call out the pop star’s behavior, especially after she was accused of “mom-shaming” a contestant named Sara Beth Liebe.

American Idol auditions
American Idol Auditions. Katy Perry faces criticism for ‘Condescending’ behavior. (PHOTO: Insider)

American Idol Auditions

During the audition round, Perry made a joke about Sara Beth’s motherhood that many deemed inappropriate, Fox News reported. Sara Beth addressed the issue on social media, stating that the joke was hurtful and embarrassing.

However, the drama didn’t end there. Perry’s handling of the duet round drew more criticism from viewers, who accused her of being too harsh on the contestants. Some social media users even claimed that a contestant quit the show because of Perry’s behavior.

The controversy has left many fans disappointed and questioning the direction of the show. Some have called out the judges for pandering to the contestants and being “babysitters.” Others are considering tuning out of the show entirely.

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Katy Perry Remained Invested in Contestants

Despite the Criticism, Perry has remained emotional and invested in the contestants’ performances. On Tuesday’s episode, she was moved to tears when a contestant quit, leaving her duet partner alone on stage.

In conclusion, the American Idol auditions have been a rollercoaster of emotions and drama, with Katy Perry at the center of the controversy. While some fans are disappointed in her behavior, others are still invested in the show and the talented contestants. As the auditions continue, it remains to be seen how Perry and the other judges will handle the remaining contestants and their performances.

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