Russia’s Vladimir Putin Secret Love Child Midwife Dies Days After Investigative Report

Dr. Natalia Thiebaud, 63, the rumored midwife girlfriend of Vladimir Putin, died suddenly a few days after her name appeared in a report connecting her to the couple. Dr. Thiebaud died in Switzerland four days after an investigative report about Kabaeva and Putin was published on Feb. 7.

Dr. Thiebaud is the midwife of Alina Kabaeva, Putin’s girlfriend, who secretly gave birth to two of Putin’s rumored secret love children. Putin and the gymnast had a third child in addition to the two already born.

Her death’s specifics were still unknown. She reportedly fought cancer at the time of her death, though. Given the demise of so many of Putin’s detractors, Dr. Thiebaud’s death is regarded as concerning. This death is regarded as ominous, given Putin’s unannounced invasion of Ukraine over a year ago.

There have been rumors about the 70-year-old Putin’s relationship with Alina Kabaeva for many years. 

An investigation into Kabaeva and Putin’s hidden forest residence was published on Feb. 7. Putin’s hideout has traces of children actively living there, according to the post. 

The media brought up the sighting from 2019 after learning about the hideout. Dr. Thiebaud was among a group of medical professionals spotted with Kremlin officials. They allegedly appeared after being flown to Moscow to give birth to Kabaeva’s child.

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Vladimir Putin is Furious

According to Kremlin sources, no one has ever seen Putin so enraged or close to suffering a heart attack or stroke. Putin’s health “deteriorated” and he “refused to eat” because of severe nausea and headaches, prompting the call to the on-call doctors.

According to a report, Putin is furious at the information that has been made public about his allegedly long-term and secret partner, Alina Kabaeva. Amid the continuous conflict with Ukraine, it was discovered that he was hiding in a lavish mansion with his secret lover.

Because the Russian Federal Security Agency failed to keep a secret that was more important than a state secret, Putin criticized them. He asserted that Kabaeva’s social circle had full knowledge of the leak.

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