Trump to Release Second Book, ‘Letters to Trump,’ Includes Private Letters from Oprah

Next month, former president Donald Trump will publish his second official book. Trump’s 40 years of personal communication with some of history’s most notable figures will be released for a $99 selling fee. 

The book “Letters to Trump” promises amazing, frequently secret contact with famous people, including Oprah Winfrey. It is advertised as a vibrant pictorial book with 150 hand-selected letters from people like former president Richard Nixon, North Korean tyrant Chairman Kim Jong Un, and Queen Elizabeth II.

The Oprah letter was written in 2020 when Trump was regarded as a high-powered socialite in New York City. Trump claims to have high regard for Winfrey still and calls her “amazing” in his commentary. Trump claimed that when he declared his run for president, Oprah stopped speaking to him, according to the Yahoo Sports post. 

Avid fans can pre-order a signed copy for $399.

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Donald Trump Message with Kim Jong Un ‎
Next month, former president Donald Trump will publish his second official book.

Together with the letter to Oprah, Trump’s new book will also include a letter from Kim Jong Un. The letter is regarded as significant historically and politically. It causes heated discussions regarding presidential record-keeping policies and nuclear diplomacy. The flattery the North Korean leader used is evident in the letters.

Among all of them, the Kim exchange could be the most fascinating. One of the more peculiar—and risky—aspects of his stay at the White House was his relationship with them.

In a letter to Trump in 2018, Kim expressed his gratitude for the president’s unwavering belief in the strong bonds created during the first summit and his efforts to keep his promise on that momentous day. Kim expressed his happiness at his friendship with Trump.

Kim received a letter from Trump on his birthday, wishing him well. He hopes that in the future, his nation will follow a storied and wealthy course.

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