‘Throw Them out of the Country’, Trump Plans Massive Deportation If Elected as President

On Saturday, Donald Trump outlined his ideas for mass deportation at the Conservative Political Action Conference. When asked about his strategy for winning the 2024 presidential election, the former president revealed it. 

Building a wall and making Mexico pay for it was one of Trump’s key campaign promises in 2016, but his campaign pledges were not kept during his first term.

Trump criticized the Biden administration for the issue at the US-Mexico border. He added that the Biden administration had taken it away and concealed supplies that had been stocked up to finish the border wall they had begun.

The biggest domestic deportation effort in American history, according to Trump, will be handled by him. He will execute his strategy using all required federal, state, municipal, and military resources. Without asking any questions, he will take them up and expel them from the country.

He will sign the first reconciliation bill that calls for a vast expansion of border patrol and a huge boost in the number of ICE deportation personnel.

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Senator Wicker Criticizes Biden Administration

The continued issue of the America-Mexico border crisis drew criticism from Senator Roger Wicker. He claimed that even if they had tried, the current administration could not have produced a more significant border crisis than what is currently occurring. The border policies of President Biden have drawn strong criticism from Senator Wicker.

Wicker visited the border area near Mission, Texas, with a group of Republican senators. They took part in both daytime and nighttime tours of the border, spoke with border patrol agents, viewed a processing facility, and went to a stash house for undocumented immigrants.

Wicker also brought up the record amounts of fentanyl entering the country, which is now the main cause of mortality for those between the ages of 18 and 45.

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