Texas Ramps Up Border Security Ahead of Migrant Influx in Spring

In order to secure the border, stop the smuggling of people, drugs, and weapons into Texas, and prevent, detect, and interdict transnational criminal activity between ports of entry, Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), and the Texas National Guard are continuing their collaboration.

Border barriers in El Paso were strengthened this week by engineers from Special Reaction Team 4, which consists of soldiers from the Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard. 

To help stop unauthorized border crossings, 17,000 more feet of double standard razor wire were installed to the already existing wire. The crew has put up more than 40,000 feet of razor wire in the last month.

As President Biden continues to refuse to enforce our country’s immigration laws, Governor Abbott highlighted the ongoing necessity for Texas’ border security mission in an interview with El Paso’s KFOX on Tuesday.

The Governor emphasized that Operation Lone Star was not required under the previous administration when the lowest number of border crossings in decades was reported, despite the Biden Administration’s public denial of the realities of the border situation.

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Texas’ Operation Lone Star

Over 352,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended since Operation Lone Star began, and there have been more than 25,000 criminal arrests and more than 23,000 felony charges filed as a result of the multi-agency effort. 

Over 365 million lethal doses of fentanyl have been intercepted by DPS during this border mission in the fight against fentanyl.

The Biden Administration’s failure to protect the border has left hazardous holes, which Operation Lone Star is now filling. President Biden’s open border policies would have otherwise allowed illegal immigrants to enter communities across Texas and the country, resulting in every person who has been captured or arrested and every ounce of drugs recovered.

Human rights organizations informed Border Report on Thursday that a number of asylum-seeking families who are currently waiting in border towns in northern Mexico have started sending their children alone across international bridges into South Texas and may not see them again for months or even years.

According to the charity Attorneys for Good Government, the children are entering Texas’ McAllen and Brownsville alone after US Customs and Border Protection officials last week started enforcing a regulation requiring all asylum seekers to have booked interviews via the CBP One app.

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