Texas Mom Found Guilty of Drowning 2 Children to Death in Bathtub

On Monday, a Houston, Texas mom who admitted to killing her children, ages 5 and 7, by submerging them in a pool in the Third Ward in 2016 was given a sentence of 40 years in jail for her crime.

In exchange for her guilty plea to two charges of murder, Sheborah Latrice Thomas was given the sentence that was handed down. The district attorney’s office believes that on August 12, 2016, Sheborah Thomas killed her daughter Kayiana Thomas, who was five years old, by submerging her in the bathtub at their house in the 3000 block of Tierwester.

She placed her daughter’s body on a bed, and then she called her son Araylon “Ray Ray” Thomas, who was just seven years old, into the bathroom. The district attorney’s office claims that she later drowned him as well. 

The next day, it was said that Sheborah hid the remains of her children in a garbage can behind her home, and then she went to her place of employment in an effort to get paid sooner than usual.

The district attorney’s office claims that Sheborah attempted to bury the victims by digging a hole for them, but she was unable to make a hole large enough, so she rolled the bodies under a neighbor’s house instead. This was because she was unable to leave the city. Sheborah proceeded to start cleaning up her home and throwing stuff away after that.

A friend claims that Sheborah told her about what she had done and that she needed to leave town, but the friend believed that Sheborah was joking about leaving town. 

According to the district attorney’s office, the buddy continued to press Sheborah with inquiries after realizing that she was being serious, and Sheborah eventually led him to the locations of the dead. After that, the friend dialed the number for the Houston police. In addition, Thomas has a son who is 12 years old, although his son was not at home when the drownings occurred.

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Suspect, Husband Previously Accused of Endangering Children

In 2012, Sheborah was temporarily stripped of custody of her children after an incident in which one of the children was discovered walking the streets with an alcoholic vagrant. A friend of the family has stated that Child Protective Services and Houston police paid the family a visit the day before Sheborah is believed to have killed her children. This information was provided by a friend.

Authorities have laid out in court documents how Thomas drowned her two young children shortly after they returned home from daycare on August 12, 2016. Before giving the children a bath and summoning her daughter to enter first, she is believed to have fed the children.

Thomas grabbed the girl’s hair and held her underwater till she stopped moving once she was in the bathtub. She then called her son in and drowned him after laying the girl’s lifeless body on a bed in an adjacent room.

According to the police, the youngster fought Thomas and held him underwater until he stopped moving. He was adjacent to his sister after that. After wrapping both of their bodies in linens, Thomas dumped their bodies in the trash cans behind her house.

Security footage shows Thomas entering The Little Cajun Cuisine restaurant after the bodies had been removed, where manager Santiago Wesley claimed she was anxious and sweaty before arguing with the staff.

He revealed to ABC13 at the time that he had recruited Thomas two months earlier but had to fire her after a disagreement. She began griping that she was working too much. She was griping about not having enough time to spend with her children, and I was like, “I recognize that. Talk to me if you need time off, whatever “But she just kind of blew up that day,” he added, referring to a disagreement they had two weeks prior to the murders of her children.

Wesley claimed that on August 12, when Thomas went back to the office to get her last paycheck, he refused to give it to her because it was still two days before payday. Sheborah and her then-husband Danny Ray Thomas were charged in 2010 with endangering their children and Sheborah’s kid from a prior relationship by using illegal drugs.

Child Protective Services looked into the couple at the time for failing to watch over the kids and exposing them to drug usage, which produced an unsecured atmosphere that may threaten their safety. Yet Sheborah eventually cleared a drug test, and the kids were allowed to stay with her since Danny wasn’t living there anymore.

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