Texas Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Heads to Trial Over Online Scam Accusations

Texas Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Heads to Trial

Texas fitness influencer Brittany Dawn Davis, who now goes by Brittany Dawn Nelson, is facing trial for allegedly scamming clients who purchased her online fitness and nutrition program.

The Texas fitness influencer, Brittany Dawn Davis
The Texas fitness influencer, Brittany Dawn Davis is now facing trial for her alleged online fitness package scams. (Photo: ABC News)

Davis, the proprietor of Brittany Dawn Fitness LLC, has been charged with deceiving customers who enrolled in her individualized fitness and nutrition programs. The lawsuit filed against Davis and her fitness company alleges that the packages for clients “were not individualized,” and Dawn “failed to provide the promised coaching and check-ins” to her clients.

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According to court filings, even though the “vast majority” of the over $1.5 million deposits to Davis’ PayPal account came from consumer payments through her website, the state is alleging that the Texas fitness influencer neglected to include receipts for payments made by thousands of clients in their discovery.

Despite the allegations, the Texas fitness influencer maintains her innocence and has vowed to fight back. She has remained silent on the matter for over four years and has patiently waited on the Lord, she said in a recent Instagram post. Davis also posted a YouTube video titled “The Tea: It’s Trial Week…” in which she brings viewers along on her morning routine and briefly discusses the trial, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, the Texas fitness influencer has started a new entrepreneurial venture as the founder of She Lives Freed, a team of 14 women who organize women’s faith retreats that cost $600 per person. As per the information on their website, the aim of the group is to spread the teachings of Jesus, foster a sense of sisterhood within the community, and support women in their journey toward liberation through the affection of our Redeemer.

While the trial has been postponed indefinitely, the Texas fitness influencer is continuing with her new venture and is still active on social media. It remains to be seen how the trial will unfold and whether Davis will be found guilty of the allegations against her.

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