Texan Woman Shot In Mouth During A Gruesome Incident At Westside Pizza Restaurant

  1. HOUSTON — A woman is expected to survive after she was shot in the mouth in the early-morning hours on Sunday. According to Houston police, they got calls for backup on an incident at the Parma Pizza on Richmond Avenue around 2 a.m. They said off-duty Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies working an extra job at the restaurant were detaining a man when a large crowd gathered around.

Authorities said gunfire erupted from multiple places and the deputies called the Houston Police Department for help. Several men were detained at the scene and at least three guns were recovered, police said. A woman who was sitting in the back of a vehicle was struck in the mouth by a stray bullet, police said. She was taken to an area hospital for treatment and was expected to survive, authorities said. A bullet grazed a man who was in the same vehicle. Investigators said they’re trying to figure out who fired their guns.