Senator Lindsey Graham Urges Mexican Government to Change Policies, Wants to Declare War on Cartels

On Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham gave the Mexican government an ultimatum, stating that if it did not alter its policies, the United States would be compelled to take extreme action about the kidnapping of four Americans at the border. 

Graham wants to declare the cartels to be international terrorist groups under American law, and he wants to employ military force to prevent the rise of the cartels.

Change Policies, America Will Start Killing People

Graham warned that if the Mexican government does not alter its policies, America will seize power. He thinks its laws don’t work for its own people and won’t work for Americans either.


He claimed that they would begin killing people who were murdering Americans. He asserted that drug cartels are terrorist organizations subject to federal legislation.


Drug cartels are seen as enemies of the United States by Graham. Graham said that drug cartels were responsible for nearly 70,000 American deaths. To strike them as active terrorist organizations, military action is required, according to the post. 

An Act of Terrorism 

Last week, four Americans went to Mexico to seek medical attention. While there, they got caught up in a deadly shootout and were taken hostage by armed men, who put them in the back of a pickup truck.


In a video shared on social media on Friday, men were seen loading four Americans into the bed of a white pickup truck in broad daylight while carrying assault rifles and wearing tan body armor.

Years of this horror have persisted in Matamoros, which rival divisions of the formidable Gulf drug gang control. According to Monday’s statement from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, there was an altercation between parties, and they were arrested.

For the safe return of the abducted people and the capture of their captors, the FBI offered a $50,000 reward.