Protesters Gather in Austin, Urge Gov. Greg Abbott to End ‘Operation Lone Star’

Many people arrived at the State Capitol early on Saturday to urge Texas Governor Greg Abbott to halt Operation Lone Star. According to Fernando Garcia of the Border Network of Human Rights in El Paso, “We believe that in this situation Texas Governor Abbott is promoting a political agenda by enforcing immigration laws in our southern border.

The Texas National Guard, Abbott, and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) are still collaborating to keep the border safe. Almost 350,000 border crossings have been stopped since Operation Lone Star began, and more than 25,000 criminals have been detained.

Operation Lone Star, according to those assembled at the capitol early on Saturday, has been tearing families apart at the border. The Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance, or RITA, arrived to speak up for the necessities of Texans. Participants in the rally carried signs with the slogans “Together for the Same Cause,” “To Keep Our Families Safe,” and similar phrases.

Students who are demonstrating claim they are trying to show how hypocritical Governor Abbott is when he talks about democracy and claims he is leading a national movement to limit voting rights. There was a clear split there in the symposium even before Abbott said a word.

Law students outside on one side demonstrated against Abbott’s keynote address. On the other hand, Abbott was supported by more Federal Society law students who were present at the symposium.

Additionally, opponents claim that the Federalist Society should not have organized this symposium on democracy because it has really worked against democracy by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to support the appointment of conservative judges.

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Republicans Criticize Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Following a night of violence and street racing in Austin, a number of Republican politicians recently attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his handling of the situation. Over the weekend, police officers reacted to many reports of people driving dangerously throughout the city. Videos posted on social media show police vehicles being attacked with pyrotechnics.

According to the Austin Police Department, while driving to disperse the crowds, rocks and bottles were also hurled at officers, injuring at least one but not seriously. On social media, multiple users posted pictures and videos of the condition and urged Abbott to step in and help. Others pointed out that the shooting had a place in a Texas city with a Democratic mayor and a Democratic-majority municipal council.

Others attributed the police’s inability to contain the disorder over the weekend to Austin’s Democratic leaders. Although additional charges may be filed, the Austin Police Department reported that two people were captured for fleeing arrest during the street takeovers” involving numerous cars.

The Barton Springs Road and South Lamar Boulevard intersection was reported to be blocked by five vehicles at roughly 9:01 p.m. on February 18. Then, it was claimed that several automobiles were racing, circling the intersection, running red lights, obstructing traffic, and firing fireworks.

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