Mexico President Warns Biden Intervening Domestic Affairs After Two Americans Were Killed in Border

Biden was cautioned by Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador not to meddle in domestic matters in his country after two Americans were kidnapped and killed at the border. While Mexico authorities were collaborating with their US counterparts, Obrador declared that they would not permit other nations to interfere with their efforts.

According to López Obrador, they don’t interfere with attempting to find out which US criminal groups distribute fentanyl there. He said that the entire government of Mexico is working on the case.  Republican lawmakers have urged the United States to confront the cartels on the other side of the southern border with more vigor, according to the post. 

Senator Lindsey Graham stated that the US government would clean it up if the Mexican government could not control the situation. Instead, he was ready to enact legislation designating some drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and laying the groundwork for American military intervention in Mexico.

According to a tweet from representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the military should be stationed at the border and “strategically strike” to eliminate the cartels.

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Four American Were Kidnapped in Mexico

Two of the four Americans who were abducted in northern Mexico on Tuesday have been found dead, according to police. Two of the compatriots discovered alive were an unharmed woman and an injured man.

The four Americans had crossed the border from Brownsville, Texas, to Matamoros, Tamaulipas. The governor of Tamaulipas state,  Américo Villarreal,  said the four Americans had gone to Mexico for “cosmetic surgery.

While driving, they were fired upon and kidnapped by unidentified assailants. The gunmen were donning what appeared to be bulletproof vests. One of the hostages is led over to a white pickup truck by them, and it is visible that two more victims are being dragged across the street and put into the car, as seen on a video. 

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