McDonald’s Franchisees Dissatisfied with Cardi B, Offset New Meal; Viral Promotion Sparks Outrage

Even though it’s profitable, not every McDonald’s franchise supports the company’s new partnership with Cardi B and Offset. Franchisees are reportedly worried that McDonald’s newest celebrity promotion, which premiered in a Super Bowl commercial before being on sale to the general public on Valentine’s Day, won’t appeal to their demographic because of the famously unfiltered couple.

According to the Wall Street Journal, many McDonald’s restaurant owners have expressed written concerns about the collaboration, claiming that the lyrics and images of the two songs don’t reflect McDonald’s family-friendly image. Other McDonald’s restaurant owners have refused to promote the meal at all.

The ‘Golden Arches Code’ of brand standards, which prohibits advertisements including musical partnerships tied to material that uses harsh language in the lyrics, has been criticized as being violated by some as the collaboration.

It is unknown how many of the 1,000 or more McDonald’s franchises have expressed disapproval of the partnership or chosen not to offer the meal, but the outlet claims to have spoken with owners in the Southeastern and mid-Atlantic states. McDonald’s said that the offer has received significant support and enthusiasm from restaurant owners and staff members, despite the purported pushback.

One cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, a Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, two beverages, and an apple pie make up the dinner, which is the first to be supported by a couple following a number of other fruitful brand collaborations with musicians like Travis Scott and Saweetie.

According to a 2020 Wall Street Journal article, McDonald’s stated that sales rose 4.6% in a three-month period after the meal featuring Travis Scott was made available. Nonetheless, a National Owners Association poll revealed that 65% of US franchisees opposed Scott’s cooperation.

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Cardi B, Offset Partner with McDonald’s

Also, McDonald’s credited their successful third quarter of 2021, which included a 9.6% increase in sales and a net profit of $2.15 billion, to their collaboration with Saweetie. Whether Cardi B and Offset’s supper have increased brand sales is currently unknown.

The meals, according to a statement from Tariq Hassan, chief marketing officer of McDonald’s US, are meant to connect the fast-food restaurant business to popular culture. McDonald’s has emphasized the famous pair in its marketing for the meal and promoted its restaurants as a destination for date nights.

But, according to the Journal, several franchise owners expressed concern that involvement with Offset and Cardi B may damage McDonald’s reputation as a family-friendly restaurant. It was not revealed how many franchises specifically objected to the promotion, but some of the complaints it viewed were from franchises in the US’s Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions. According to McDonald’s, the corporation continues to place a high focus on public impression.

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