Marco Rubio Criticizes Biden over China’s Spy Balloon, Caught in Awkward Moment by ABC News Reporter

The criticism of President Joe Biden’s response to China launching a spy balloon above the US by Marco Rubio backfired.

Live on television, Jonathan Karl of ABC News reported that the Trump administration has missed three identical airships.

Marco Rubio Criticisms Backfires

After Biden ordered the balloon to be shot down off the coast of South Carolina, Rubio was placed in a difficult situation during an interview on Sunday.

Rubio criticizes Biden while ostensibly disregarding the Pentagon’s Saturday report that three alleged Chinese spy balloons crossed the US mainland while Trump was president.

Karl responded to Rubio’s criticism by pointing out that China launched spy balloons three times when Trump was president. He said that no announcements to the general public were made when that occurred. Rubio muttered a little before going silent, according to the Independent report. 

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The Critics

After Biden requested a US investigation, Republicans including Turner, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Sen. Marco Rubio circulated. The balloon off the coast of Carolina will be shot down by an Air Force jet. They blame the administration’s “lack of urgency” about national security.

Turner and Cruz also criticized the Biden administration for holding back information about the alleged spy balloon from the American public until after news organizations had first reported it.

Rubio, a Republican from Florida, added that the Biden balloon answer had a message for everyone. Rubio challenges the US’s ability to defend its allies and territories.

Biden said on Saturday that he had instructed American officials to shoot down the alleged spy balloon earlier this week and that national security officials had determined that the ideal timing for the operation was when it was over water. While the balloon was an intolerable breach of American sovereignty, the DoD continued.

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