Man Buys $500 Storage Box in California, Discovers $7.5 Million Inside; Here’s what happened next!

A man paid Storage Wars hero Dan Dotson $500 for a lockable storage container, and later found out it contained $7.5 million.

The many lockers up for auction on Storage Wars have a wide range of contents, including some unique items. Notable discoveries include a minesweeper from World War Two and a sizable collection of newspapers from the day Elvis Presley passed away. One of the biggest discoveries, though, occurred off-camera as Dotson was auctioneering a unit.

The storage locker’s purchaser paid $500 for its unidentified contents. Dan was not aware of the unit’s full worth at the time. In 2018, he told The Blast that a woman had approached him at the Indio, California, Cars, Stars, and Rock N’ Roll charity event. The buyer of the storage unit discovered a safe inside, and he or she was able to pay a locksmith to open it.

In the end, several bags of cash worth a combined $7.5 million were found. Dotson claimed that the previous owner’s attorney soon called the new owner and made an initial offer of $600,000 before raising it to $1.2 million to recover the money.

The new owner concurred, and Dan and his wife Laura questioned how someone could have overlooked such a sizable sum of cash in a storage unit. On the day the money was found, Storage Wars was not filming, but Rene Nezhoda, Dotson’s co-star from Bargain Hunters Thrift Shop, guessed what the money might be.

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If the money was associated with the Mafia or a Cartel, he claimed that he wouldn’t be surprised since “if you find money like that, there’s definitely a reason it isn’t in the bank.”

Joey Jackson, an HLN legal analyst, was consulted about the intriguing occurrence on CNN. He began by describing his course of action in the event that he came into the money: “I wouldn’t precisely inform other owners about it!”

Yet, he determined it was not a poor investment and that the new owner made a decent selection. Dotson kept both the owners and the woman who approached him’s identities a secret.
Due to privacy and safety concerns, the Storage Wars star also chose not to disclose the city in which the unit was sold.

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