Illinois Woman Arrested After Rolling Over a Hairdresser with Vehicle for Ruining Her Hair

This morning, an Illinois 18-year-old woman was detained after purposefully hitting her hairdresser with her automobile seven times.

Cassandra Gilmore, of Oak Lawn, Illinois, had her hair trimmed by renowned stylist Francesco Moreno at Luigi’s Beauty Palace this morning, according to the Chicago Police Department.

She suddenly went crazy and attempted to attack Moreno with a curling iron after seeing the results in a mirror. Quickly stepping in to assist the stylist were two other patrons of the business. They managed to stop the woman and eject her from the shop by stifling their desperate fighting.

But Gilmore was still out for blood, and she waited for the victim to leave his job for more than four hours in a nearby parking lot. Around 2:15 pm, Moreno left the beauty parlor. She sped up and ran him over with her car at a speed of around 50 mph.

Roseanne Taylor, who works with Francesco Moreno and saw the assault, said that Gilmore ran over the victim at least seven times. The police were quickly summoned by several witnesses, and the first cops were on the scene in less than two minutes.

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The woman was promptly taken into custody, and an ambulance was dispatched to the scene. When Moreno arrived at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, medical professionals were able to stabilize him.

Even though he has 21 additional bone fractures, a ruptured lung, two skull fractures, eight fractured ribs, and serious internal bleeding, doctors no longer fear for his life. 

According to Cassandra Gilmore, who admitted to hitting Mr. Moreno on purpose, she did so as a form of retaliation for the way his poor haircut affected her life.

She apparently said that she was under a lot of stress to prepare for this crucial event of her life, prom, which is only one month away.

The young woman now faces a total of 29 criminal counts, including attempted murder, using a vehicle as a weapon, and hazardous driving. It seems likely that she will miss her prom after all. She is scheduled to appear in court in June and could be sentenced to up to 75 years in jail.

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