Houston Man Outwits Armed Carjackers and Saves His Car

Houston Man Outwits Armed Carjackers!

The Houston man, who wished to remain anonymous, had just returned home and pulled into his garage when two suspects, one of them armed, ran up to him demanding his car keys. However, the suspects were ultimately unsuccessful in their attempt to steal the car.

A Houston man is speaking out after two teens tried to carjack him at gunpoint (Photo: Fox News, Houston Police Robbery Division)

According to the Houston man homeowner, the suspects came up to him with a loaded 9mm gun with an extended clip. One of the suspects believed to be a teenager demanded at gunpoint that the man turn over the keys to his jeep which were in a backpack on the passenger seat, Fox News reported. Apparently, the second suspect was unaware the keys were inside the backpack and grabbed it instead, which prevented the first suspect from starting the car.

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The Houston man homeowner then began chasing the suspect with the backpack, at which point he heard gunshots coming from the first suspect who was behind him. However, the suspect with the backpack also heard the gunshots, causing him to drop the backpack. The Houston man homeowner was then able to recover his backpack with all his property as both suspects caught up with each other at the 3500 block of W. Holcombe.

According to witnesses, both suspects sped off in a blue Chevy Camaro. The first suspect is described as a Black male with a black hoodie and dark pants while the second suspect is described as a Black male with a black or gray hoodie, black pants, and yellow shoes.

The Houston man homeowner believes the suspects followed him from a nearby gas station. He also stated that he was lucky to be alive as the suspects were armed and could have killed him. The Houston Police Department is now investigating the attempted carjacking, and anyone with information is being asked to call Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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