FBI Director Christopher Wray Confirms COVID-19 Probably a Result of Wuhan Lab Leak

The COVID-19 pandemic was most likely brought on by an unintentional laboratory breach in China, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray’s statement on Tuesday.

The Department of Energy has low confidence that the coronavirus originated from a lab, according to a Wall Street Journal story. Prior to this, the FDA was unsure of how the infection began.

With the modification, the Energy Department shared the same opinion as the FBI. The National Intelligence Council, four additional intelligence agencies, and all concur that an animal-to-human transfer occurred naturally.

The Biden administration downplayed the DOE study last week, claiming that the intelligence community and the US government have not come to a definitive determination.

The roundtable on Tuesday served as the first in a protracted series of meetings and hearings organized by House Republicans to look into the causes of the virus and the actions of American authorities. Another hearing is scheduled for next week.

Three professors were called to the panel: Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, Martin Kulldorff of Harvard, and Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins. They joined the GOP in broadly denouncing the government’s policies, such as the Biden administration’s vaccination requirement.

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Possible Wuhan Lab Leak

The lab-leak scenario was also brought up by a number of MPs and witnesses, who claimed it had been incorrectly disregarded as a plot. Chinese government representatives have refuted such claims, saying just this past Tuesday that their nation has “always been open and forthright” regarding the coronavirus.

Yet even the World Health Organization has charged China for holding up research, later stating that it needs more cooperation from China to move its studies forward.

China has provided the most data and research findings on virus tracking and made significant contributions to worldwide virus tracing research, according to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning Mao, who made the statement on Tuesday during a regular briefing.

The United States government and members of Congress have leveled allegations that China has not been fully forthcoming with investigations into the origin of the incident.

China has allegedly not been completely open with inquiries into the cause of the disaster, according to claims made by the US government and members of Congress.

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