Experts Warn to Check Gmail, Outlook Inbox That Could Cost You Everything

People have been advised by security professionals to check their inboxes this week for three brand names.

Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, Android, or an iPhone, Trend Micro’s IT security specialists have identified a number of frauds that potentially target you. You should search for the words UPS, Amazon, and Netflix.

Scammers frequently utilize reputable big brand names to entice victims and persuade them to divulge personal information. Trend Micro security specialists claim to have lately discovered a large number of frauds while searching for new ones every week.

The phishing email used in the Netflix fraud indicates unusual account behavior. Although the email appears to be authentic, it actually directs you to a fake website that will steal your information if you input it there.

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Emails, Texts Scams

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People have been advised by security professionals to check their inboxes this week for three brand names.

In the Amazon scam, phishing emails and messages are used. One asks you to update your payment details while posing as an Amazon Prime representative. 

Your payment details will be stolen by the fraudulent website. Email and SMS have been used to send the second scam.

It will direct you to a convincing but fake website and claim that your Amazon account has been restricted for security reasons. Most of the UPS scam detections have been via text messages.

By asking you to fill out a form regarding a bogus package, it seeks to collect your home address and credit card information. First and foremost, you must thoroughly verify who sent the email.

Even if the email appears to be from a trusted source, you should nevertheless double-check it for grammatical errors and the tiniest inconsistencies in the sender’s email address. Never feel compelled to open an attachment, and refrain from selecting the enable content button.

Links in emails should also be used with caution. Delete an email that you have received if you know it is a fraud. If you have questions regarding a membership email, get in touch with the company directly using the information on its official website.

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