DoorDash Driver Refuses to Give Man’s Food, Yells over $8 Tip, Gone Viral

After losing her cool over an $8 tip, a DoorDash driver gained almost 1 million views on YouTube and became famous. After claiming to have traveled a distance of 12 and a half miles to collect the food, the driver refused to give the man his food.

The driver and the man were arguing, as shown on the Ring camera footage. The woman claimed that the man must not be mindful of the lengthy distance she had traveled to bring him food.

She said it took her 40 minutes to travel to the locations via car. The man disagreed, though, as the drive ought to have just taken 15 to 20 minutes. The woman asked to adjust the tip but the man disagreed.  The woman then started to walk away after saying she was going to return the meal, according to the post. 

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The Viral Video Gains Comments

There have been 800,000 views of the YouTube video. Most comments blame her for acting inappropriately in response to a $8 tip, despite the fact that some users have defended her.

As long as he does not receive $1 per mile for mileage there and back, one of the users and former DoorDash driver said, he declines.

The woman’s behavior is criticized by other users. A tip of $8, according to one, is good money. The firing of an entitled employee, according to a former Uber employee, is satisfying. Another person stated that the driver had the choice to accept or cancel the order and that she needed to be careful while performing their duties.
In a statement, DoorDash stated that the offending employee has been terminated from our platform. She has demonstrated poor tolerance for behavior, which is cause for deactivation.

Regarding the trending video, a DoorDash representative issued a response. They claimed that because they take community safety so seriously, they never condone such behavior in the workplace.

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