Bryan Cranston Reiterates Stance on Teaching Critical Race Theory, Says Donald Trump Movement is ‘Racist’

‘On Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,’ Bryan Cranston reiterated his support for the academic framework after initially endorsing it when he appeared on Bill Maher’s podcast in February.

The Breaking Bad actor’s previous comments on Club Random With Bill Maher, where the actor and commentator discussed the value of teaching critical race theory in the US, as well as Cranston’s position on the phrase “Make America Great Again,” were addressed by host Wallace on the most recent episode of the CNN and HBO Max series.

Wallace questioned Cranston, an Emmy winner, about “the role that media plays” in the current condition of the nation’s political dialogue after describing Cranston and Maher’s back-and-forth discussion as a “tussle” over “critical race theory and wokeness.”

Before re-stating his prior opinions regarding his support for teaching the idea, Cranston briefly stated that he finds it “difficult to try to locate truly balanced reporting news.”

According to EdWeek, critical race theory investigates how race-blind legal and social policies perpetuate historical inequality in the US, regardless of whether such laws are meant to encourage racism.

He said that while Germany had done a “really admirable job” of confronting the Holocaust publicly, the US “truly hasn’t” done it in the same way in relation to its historical ties to slavery. He asked Maher if anyone could “believe that that could possibly be perceived as a racist remark” in reference to his earlier remarks on the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

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Bryan Cranston: Trump’s MAGA Movement Is Racist

Bryan Cranston has also criticized Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” As Trump declared his desire to run for president of the United States, the MAGA slogan suddenly became popular.

His supporters embraced the slogan because they wished for their nation to once again be great. Trump persuaded them that the Democrats had made America weak and that they needed to return to put their nation first.

Since then, Trump and the Republican party have become intimately connected with the MAGA red hat and slogan. Cranston believes it has a murky side, though.
CRT is criticized for encouraging conflict and teaching viewers to view others solely through the prism of race. But, Cranton told the TV host that America must reflect on its past and carefully consider what people of color have gone through.

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