8th Grade Student Swings Knife Against Fellow Student, Mother of the Injured Demands Charges

During a fight, an eighth-grade student at Giles Middle School in Texas swung a pocket knife at Royalty Edward. After discovering that her daughter had sustained injuries to her face, head, back, arm, and stomach, Cristina Adkins, insists that the other student should be charged.

Adkins claimed that, contrary to what the school claimed in their statement, they never volunteered to contact EMS. She claimed that she kept checking with the school to see if an ambulance had been called when her daughter was hurt.

The school claimed in a letter to parents that a student had pulled a knife and stabbed another student, but Adkins and Royalty claimed otherwise. The school stated that they do not want to use the term “stabbing” because Royalty did not have a severe puncture wound. Adkins disagreed, claiming that Royalty required stitches and additional medical care, according to the abc13.com post. 

The other student would face consequences at school in accordance with the code of conduct, but Adkins wants to press charges.

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A Stranger Stabs Her

Royalty Edward asserted that she does not personally know the eighth-grader, then suddenly she started swinging a knife at her so she fought back. A video of the incident shows that the other student repeatedly swung the knife toward Royalty during the minute-long altercation.

The blade of the weapon, which is characterized as a pocket knife, appears to be about an inch or two long. Following the incident, royalty visited the nurse., and the campus sheriff’s deputy detained the other student.

Adkins reported that Royalty had suffered seven stab wounds. On Friday, Royalty returns to school, but she returns with a range of feelings. The school stated that they did not wish to minimize the circumstances.

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