Tucker Carlson slams with fact-check after complaining Biden keeps white men off courts

Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), recently voiced his disapproval of Tucker Carlson’s most recent racist outburst on Fox News.

Choices of Justices

The far-right Republican presenter of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” attacked President Joe Biden during his Monday night show as he lambasted his choice of justices and the lack of diversity in the courts.

Five white males were among the 97 federal judges appointed under Joe Biden, Carlson lamented on Monday night. Twenty-two are Black women, thus this is unlawful racial hiring.

Carlson protested even though the court has always been predominately made up of white men. 

According to HuffPost, “the federal judiciary is predominately white and male. The American Bar Association said last year that 70% of all sitting Article III federal judges are male and 78 percent are white. Additionally, the organization said that 16 states have no federal trial judges of color at all.”

Steele posted data on Twitter shortly after the show aired on the judges’ and court’s demographics.


In response to Tuckems’ question, Steele tweeted, “Tuckems, of the 226 federal judges selected by Trump, the total number of Black people? 9!! (he adds in that high-pitched voice of a child just starting puberty).” “I suppose the white judges were illegally hired on the basis of race and weren’t hired to look like Americans but to punish individuals.”

Others echoed Steele’s comments and countered Carlson’s analysis with information about the court while making fun of the Fox News presenter for his concerns.

Max Kennerly, a legal scholar, tweeted, “Currently serving federal judges: 1,407 White men: 779 (55.4%) Black women: 63 (4.5%).”

Another person responded, “I mean, Trump basically much selected unqualified white wingers. It’s the President’s power to choose whichever judge he or she wants on the court.”

Other Reports, Carlson Admits Lying

When Tucker Carlson claims that he occasionally lies on his show, he appears to be speaking the truth.

As he was being questioned by fellow conservative media presenter Dave Rubin on Monday, the Fox News anchor acknowledged that his connection with the truth occasionally falters.

It happened after Rubin asked Carlson how CNN employees like Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter “live with themselves … when they just lie again and again and we have the internet to expose the lies.”

Carlson made this admission regarding his own lackadaisical attitude toward factual truth, as though he had taken the topic personally.

Carlson said, “I mean, I lie if I’m really cornered or anything. I lie. I try very hard not to. I try not to lie on television. Simply said, I find lying to be unpleasant. You know, I definitely do it out of weakness or for other reasons.”

Then, Carlson asserted that there was a distinction between telling “lies” when you’re trapped out of weakness and the deliberate lying he alleges CNN anchors engage in.