The Video For Project Veritas Raise Numerous Pfizer COVID Vaccine Interrogations

Project Veritas’ Secrecy

Project Veritas, a very conservative watchdog group, published recently a footage which was taken secretively regarding an alleged Pfizer executive who had apparently talked about experiments the company is recently running on the virus and the vaccine’s effect on women’s reproduction.

The video has a lot of views online and it shows Pfizer Director of Research and Development Jordan Trishton Walker telling an undercover Project Veritas journalist a few things about the company one of which was exploring to “mutate” the coronavirus through “directed evolution.”


After a video released right after this, the man says that he is a liar and he was only saying all of this in order to impress someone on a date. It’s not very clear if the man is actually a worker at Pfizer. The organisation hasn’t responded yet. Rural Americans as of now have been hit harder by inflation but that might just change.

In the very first video which looked rather heavily edited, the employee is seen to be giving a lot of reasons as to why Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine could cause issues with women’s menstruation and even goes on to say that the company has no idea about the long term effects of the vaccine.

Statement Release

He says that something is peculiar about this vaccine because if you think about the science, it shouldn’t be actually regulating with the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis – the hormones that regulate their menstrual cycles. Last year, a research had shown very vividly that there is a link between the COVID-19 vaccination and longer menstrual cycles, with an average increase of less than one day.

Dr. Danielle Jones seconded this and said that most women may have experienced this due to immune regulation vs. the vaccine itself, as of now. It is highly likely that this entire regulation is related to the boosting of the immune system or the activation of the immune system rather than it is the actual vaccine or ingredients itself that’s causing this untimely change. If we had information that this was harmful to those people who have periods, then it wouldn’t have passed the medical test.

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The person talking in the video asks if the other person knows how at all does the virus keep mutating. He then goes on to say that they are exploring why don’t they just mutate it themselves so they could create and develop new vaccines. Then he says that they aren’t actually supposed to do gain-of-function research but do a directed evolution which in fact is very different.

Pfizer finally responded to Project Veritas with a statement on the 27th of January, acknowledging that in a very few number of cases, their scientists altered the entire virus to test new mutations against its antiviral drug, PAXLOVID. But it rejects any claim made in the video pointing that the company hasn’t conducted gain of function related to its ongoing development of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.”