Texas Parents Can Use State Funds Up to $10,000 to Send their Children to Private School, Gov. Greg Abbott Says

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott supported the “school choice” policy on Tuesday during the “Parent Empowerment Night” as the state lawmakers are preparing to discuss education policy.

Gov. Greg Abbott
Gov. Greg Abbott gave his clear support on “school choice” policy. (Photo: Texas Tribune)

“School Choice” Policy

State lawmakers are preparing to enact and discuss public education issues and they signaled to make some amendments to the “school choice” policy. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explicitly announced his support for the policy by allowing parents to use state funds to send their children to private schools.

Gov. Greg Abbott said, “That will give all parents the ability to choose the best education option for their child. The bottom line is this: This is really about freedom,” He said this during the Parent Empowerment Night event in Corpus Christi.

In an article published in Texas Tribune, Abbott gave his support as the lawmakers signaled that they would enact the “school choice” policy. Even though Abbott expressed his support for the enactment of the policy, it is not clear what program he would support.

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$10,000 a Year in Education

Under the current law, Texas parents can avail of up to $10,000 a year to send their children to public schools. This fund would come from the taxpayers in the state. This will help thousands of families in the state to pay for higher education.

Meanwhile, the term “school choice” is used to describe programs that gave Texas parents the opportunity to use state funds to send their kids to schools outside of the state’s public education system. This usually comes in a form of vouchers, which are state-sponsored scholarships for private schools.

Furthermore, Gov. Abbott said, “No one knows what is better for a child’s education than their parents. Parents deserve the freedom to choose the education that is best for their child.”

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