Texas lady Clara Harris, who ran over her husband in front of her mistress, successfully completes parole

For the time being, Clara Harris is no longer within the jurisdiction of the Texas criminal justice system.


According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the woman convicted of one of the most notorious homicides in the Houston area’s parole was up on Friday.

The former Friendswood dentist was found guilty in 2003 for running over and murdering her husband, David Harris, in the hotel parking lot at Nassau Bay the previous year. A private eye hired by Clara Harris to follow her husband caught the entire incident on tape.

She received a 20-year jail term, but after serving 15 years, she was granted parole in 2018.

Her case is most known for making headlines throughout the world as a result of the bizarre revelations made during the trial, such as the unrestrained violence recounted after David died.

One of them was the justification that was most appropriately called a crime of passion. When he was 44 years old, Clara discovered her husband, an orthodontist, with Gail Bridges, who was said to be a mistress.

David Harris was launched 25 feet in the air by the initial collision. Prosecutors claim that after running her husband over twice more, Clara Harris placed the car in reverse and backed over his corpse, leaving the vehicle parked on top of him.

Passenger in the Car

The passenger in the car at the time was Clara Harris’ stepdaughter, David Harris’ 16-year-old daughter.

Bridges and Clara Harris got into a fight in the hotel lobby before the attack, and according to witnesses, Clara Harris tore Bridges’ shirt.

Bridges was being walked to her car by David Harris when she was attacked. He later passed away from his wounds.

On Valentine’s Day in 1992, Clara and David were wed in the same place where the murder took place.

Clara Harris said during the trial, which ABC News covered, that she realized everything had come to an end when she confronted her husband and later drove him over.

Before being found guilty, Clara Harris told Diane Sawyer, “I very much believe my life to be over.”

On Feb. 3, Clara Harris will turn 65.

Other Reports, Harris

Clara Harris’ parole lawyer said that she had repaid her responsibility to society.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kevin Stouwie spoke to Eyewitness News about the release of his well-known client.

Through Facetime, Stouwie stated, “She adored her husband and would never have wanted him to pass away.” “She wanted to salvage her marriage, she wanted to keep her marriage together.”

After spending more than 15 years behind bars, Clara Harris is about to regain her freedom. She was found guilty of murdering her husband David Harris outside a Nassau Bay hotel in 2003 by a jury.

Stouwie said that the media had misrepresented a lot of what transpired in July 2002. He said that a week before the event, Clara learned that her husband was having an affair with the dentist office’s receptionist. The woman was dismissed. David allegedly promised Stouwie to end the relationship.

Clara located the two at the hotel where the newlyweds’ wedding celebration was held with the aid of a private detective.