Republican calls for the resignations of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in response to ‘catastrophic Chinese spy balloon show’

The Chinese spy balloon scandal, according to Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has made it clear that both Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden should step down from their positions.

US Fighter Aircraft

After a U.S. fighter aircraft knocked down a Chinese surveillance balloon off the coast of the lawmaker’s home state of South Carolina, Wilson called on Biden and Harris to resign. Over the previous seven days, the unmanned surveillance aircraft had traveled from Alaska through Canada, then across the continent from Idaho to the East Coast.

Wilson tweeted that “President Biden and Vice President Harris should resign” in response to the “catastrophic Chinese Spy Balloon extravaganza,” which “obviously harmed American families from Alaska to my home community in South Carolina.”

“The capitulation and catastrophic departure from Afghanistan provided a safe sanctuary for terrorists to kill American families, making my request for their resignation valid in August 2021,” he said.

Wilson continued by saying that Biden and Harris’ “open border policies,” which have undermined national security, only serve to strengthen the case for their resignation.

He stated, “Biden and Harris will not be able to appropriately respond when the home attack happens. “To defend American families, credible leadership is essential.”

Along with Wilson, a number of GOP members have criticized the Biden administration recently and following Saturday’s balloon shooting, labeling the president’s response as inadequate.

Another South Carolina Republican, Rep. Russell Fry, said Fox News, “Why was this permitted to run straight across the country for so many days? You know, you look at this, national security is one of the largest things that any country can accomplish. It is a key duty of government.”

Balloon Shot down

Biden told reporters that he had instructed the Pentagon to bring the balloon down “as quickly as feasible” on Wednesday after it was shot down on Saturday. They had postponed because they were concerned that if the balloon’s debris fell close to a populated area, it may do significant harm.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated in a statement that “after rigorous consideration, U.S. military leaders had assessed that downing the balloon while above land constituted an unreasonable risk to civilians across a large region due to the size and altitude of the balloon and its surveillance payload.”

The Department of Defense created alternatives to deflate the balloon over our territorial seas safely in compliance with the President’s directives, attentively monitoring its course and intelligence gathering activities.

Other Reports, Chinese Spy Balloon

As the Pentagon continues to track its development and defers from taking it down, the Chinese surveillance balloon that floated above Montana can reveal some information about China’s operations and technological capabilities, according to analysts speaking to Fox News Digital.

The public first noticed a high-altitude surveillance balloon above Montana, as it floated over Malmstrom Air Force Base, on Thursday, according to the Pentagon. The facility is used by the US to keep nuclear weapons.

Senior State Department and Defense Department officials have referred to the balloon’s presence in American airspace as a “unacceptable” breach of American sovereignty, yet they have persisted in advising against shooting it down. The balloon, which is carrying substantial surveillance equipment, is around the size of three Greyhound buses.