Red Light Pain Therapy For Weight Loss Offered Locally Now

News from Williamsport has come regarding a new technology being developed by NASA quite a few years ago which is now available in only 2 places in the entire state of Pennsylvania. It is now thankfully being available for use in Williamsport in order to assist people and their health issues.

A Magical Getaway

There’s an organisation with a centre that is named as Reclaim Health, Weight Loss & Pain Management Center located at 360 Market Street, Williamsport which inherently offers Trifecta Red Light Therapy in order to assist patients reduce weight, pain and inflammation.

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The owner of this place, Dr. Gallagher and his wife Jeanne Gallagher have been operating Reclaim Health which opened on the 1st of December, 2022. The red light is delivered through a pod which looks a lot like a tanning bed. The treatment basically includes lying down in the bed for 15 minutes.

It does sound pretty relaxing, to lay down in a pod for such a short period of time and getting your pain scrunched away and Dr. Gallagher, a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist confirms that it is, in a lot of ways. What is the red light therapy, you might ask. To detail it out, it’s actually also called photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), the application of red and near infrared light to human tissue.

Permanent Solution

What a lot of people are unaware of, is the fact that light is the therapy to assist repair the body’s cells. It’s not just any light but light which is of the right color and intensity and that is put to the skin for it to penetrate at a cellular level in the body. The Trifecta Red Light Therapy pod is quite a rare sight indeed. There are quite a few red light therapies, some of which use lesser intensity bulbs but the machine at Reclaim Health uses a laser application. Patients are left in solitude to slip into the bed and relax while the light does the work.

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It’s a $50,000 bed which also helps in the pain management as well as body contouring. The red light technically opens up the fat cells and allows it to drain down. It drains around about 95% of the contents and after just a little time, a patient steps on a vibrant plate that shakes all the fluid out of the lymphatic system and through the liver. Majorly, patients want something that’s a little safer than surgery and this pod is an excellent alternative, extremely pain free and non invasive.

Patients everywhere want to lose a few pounds and the red light technology is utterly FDA-certified in order to assist people in losing some inches off of their body. It helps to decrease the circumference of the waist. It helps clearly in getting off the weight from the arms and thighs. The body contouring plan is contently permanent but the patient has to make sure to workout and eat healthy. Since the doctor who owns the clinic is a certified nutritionist, he makes sure that his patients get a full disclosure of what to eat and how to stay fit during this journey.