Police report 4 shootings at an apartment complex in Texas City

According to the police, a shooting occurred Wednesday night in an apartment complex in Texas City, injuring four persons.

Police Report

The authorities reported that it occurred about 6:30 p.m. in an apartment building next to Century Boulevard, off the Emmett F. Lowry Expressway.

Two women and a man were discovered at the residence with non-life-threatening wounds, according to Texas City police. According to authorities, a second woman who had been wounded in the back arrived at a local hospital in severe condition.

They interrogated the man who took her to the hospital.

Two kids were inside the flat, according to the police, but they weren’t wounded.

Unknown events may have preceded the incident.

Other Reports, 3 Teens Charged

According to the Houston Police Department, three teens, including two Wisdom High School students, have been identified in relation to a string of incidents that resulted in a lockdown at a school in west Houston on Thursday afternoon.

The Houston police said charges are pending against John Nsenguwera, 18, Mahamoudou Sylla, 18, Mohamed Rasheed Robinson, 17, and others in connection with the officer-involved shooting that began on Westheimer Road near Hillcroft Avenue.

According to authorities, Nsenguwera is accused of seriously assaulting a peace officer. Police shot him during the encounter, and he was brought to the hospital.

Authorities said Robinson and Sylla are accused with robbing by threat. The three teenagers’ booking images have not been made public.

Wisdom High School

The chain of events began just before noon, according to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, after a group of officers observed a “very aggressive crew of people” on Westheimer Road close to Hillcroft Avenue.

Just before noon on Thursday, Houston police said that officers saw a robbery taking place at an apartment building on Westheimer Road that featured a person being shot. Police said that one of the group members brandished a pistol at an officer as they approached the group.

Officer R. Aguilar of the HPD opened fire on Nsenguwera at that point. The young suspect was taken to a hospital by paramedics with non-life-threatening wounds.

The policeman wasn’t hurt. No other cops were either.

According to authorities, Robinson was detained on the spot.

Sylla, according to witnesses, requested a lift to Wisdom High School from an unknown vehicle. The driver “simply believed he was giving a kid a lift back to the school,” according to Finner, not realizing the child had been involved in a run-in with the law.

When Sylla arrived at the school, Finner claimed he proceeded inside the auditorium where at least 100 kids were present. HISD Police Chief Pedro Lopez confirmed Sylla as a Wisdom High School student. When it was discovered he was on campus, the school immediately went into lockdown, according to HISD.

Sylla went to the front and used his ID to scan in, according to Chief Lopez, following the correct procedures to enter the school. Lopez said that a university official let him in, and Sylla registered at the front desk. Kenneth Brantley, the principal of Wisdom High School, had earlier in the day said Sylla had visited the school.