Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ Is Possible, Biden Says

After Russian authorities proposed using tactical nuclear weapons a few months ago, President Joe Biden discussed the likelihood of a nuclear “Armageddon” not being this high in 60 years. However, the risk is high with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

A Terrifying Picture 

Biden asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not kidding about the potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or deadly chemical weapons during his address at a Democratic fundraiser in October of last year. Considering how poorly Russian defense is performing, Biden warned that the risk is high.

He rejects the notion that it is possible to employ tactical nuclear weapons with ease without bringing about the apocalypse. Nuclear war is a terrifying thought, and all other issues appear insignificant in contrast, according to MSN report. 

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Climate Change is Greater Threat Than Nuclear Weapon 

President Biden updated Manhattan donors on his views on nuclear war four months after stating that “Armageddon” is soon upon us. According to Biden, global warming currently poses a more significant threat. Including nuclear weapons, he claimed that was the greatest existential threat to humanity that we have ever faced.

There are enough nuclear weapons to obliterate the majority of people on the planet. According to experts, a large-scale nuclear conflict would cover the planet in hazardous radiation, usher, in a nuclear winter with reduced sunshine and colder temperatures, and kill most survivors, reported. 

There are no direct predictions that the planet will become completely uninhabitable, despite some scientists’ claims that global warming is connected to more extreme weather phenomena like hurricanes.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which the United Nations supports, sea levels may increase by 50 centimeters by the year 2100 due to global warming. Some coastal locations, particularly small island chains, will be submerged, forcing expensive mitigation elsewhere.