North Carolina Tax Refund Schedule

The North Carolina tax refund is on the way after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) started accepting and processing earned income tax.

North Carolina tax refund
North Carolina tax refund might be delayed. (Photo: Bankrate)

North Carolina Tax Refund

Tax season has already begun and IRS started to accept and process federal earned income tax on Jan.23 and it will end on April 18. In North Carolina, the state’s Department of Revenue started to accept and process taxes on February 3.

In a published article in WCNC, even though the North Carolina Department of Revenue has already started to accept taxes from its taxpayers, the state revenue agency also said that they will not begin to process and validate returns until the end of March. This means that it needs between three to six weeks before a North Carolina tax refund will be sent.

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Why the North Carolina Tax Refund Will be Delayed?

The North Carolina Department of Revenue said that there is a need to delay the North Carolina tax refund because they need to finish updating and testing the refund fraud validation system to protect the information of the taxpayers against identity theft.

However, taxpayers can still track the status of their North Carolina tax refund through the “Where’s My Refund” application on the official website of the Department of Revenue. Furthermore, it is important to note that once you filed your tax return, it will be in one of the seven stages. The 7th stage is the issuance of a North Carolina tax refund.

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