Mexican Immigrants Raging Over NYC Migrants Who Are Consequently Expecting Hotel Residence

A saddening news has come forth where a Mexican immigrant who tirelessly worked day and night in order to achieve the American dream, a widely proclaimed one, not to forget, has blasted the group of migrants who were engaged in a dispute outside the Manhattan hotel where they were clearly ordered to relocate to a new shelter, a new refuge somewhere in Brooklyn.

Migrant Misery

Bonfilio Solis, a 43 year old Mexican immigrant says it’s bulls—t. He goes on to say that these migrants take innumerable benefits from the government but aren’t still any grateful to the system. They always want more, he says. Bonfilio lives in Morningside Heights alongwith his wife and 4 kids and proclaimed that he wanted to see what was happening outside the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen.

However, when he took out his cellphone in order to shoot a clip, some migrants started to bother and pucker him up and they did the same thing to a group of journalists as well after the activists and protestors used open umbrellas in order to try and protect the scene from the news media. City Hall has now blamed all the activists for starting this fire over the weekend this time. Bonfilio runs a remodelling business alongwith 2 other staff members.

He went on to say that he has been in the business for a long time and stayed in America for over 30 years. He proclaims that he didn’t get anything from the government but after working with a lot of effort and ambition, he now owns his very own construction company. He says his first job in America was washing dishes in a café which followed to being a waiter to working at a construction company and finally climbing the stairs to becoming the owner of one.

What Lies Ahead

He said that to see these guys sitting over there an expecting all of the benefits to be showered upon them without showing the government any effort whatsoever is stupid and saddening for this isn’t fair to the other migrant who are absolutely and completely willing to put their best foot forward and work for a brighter future. It gives the migrants a very bad name because not all of them are like this and it tarnishes the reputation that the good ones have been able to create for so long.

The rest of them expect expensive hotel rooms just because they are immigrants while they’ve done particularly nothing for the American government or the citizens per se. The loyal ones have worked day and night to make a name for themselves and this entitled mentality puts the good ones down.

To see these deserving people live their days with integrity and hard work while also simultaneously paying off taxes just so some new and entitled migrant could come and butcher it with their attitude and annoyance is heartbreaking just as much as it is unfair.