‘I Sat on My Glasses’, Whoopi Goldberg Says as The View Starts

Longtime moderator Whoopi Goldberg is finally retaliating by saying she sat on her eyeglasses after a slew of insane inanimate objects—Joy Behar’s evil chair, her annoying cell phone, and the elevator in her apartment building—spent much of 2022 terrorizing the ladies of The View.

Whoopi Strikes Back 

At the beginning of Wednesday’s program, the Academy Award-winning actress admitted that she sat on the eyeglasses she had for four years. She claimed she was not even slightly concerned with where she was heading. Sara Haines, the co-host, then joked about how Goldberg’s butt is looking better than ever.

At the beginning of season 26, ABC replaced the set’s furniture with new seats that don’t swivel after Behar injured herself while starting a live show in March, a source posted. 

According to a source who spoke to EW, the season 26 set is smaller than it has ever been, necessitating the purchase of new seats. However, Behar’s fall was considered when the program created a brand-new look for its current episodes.

Whoopi Replied to an Audience Comment

Two weeks ago, it was reported that Whoopi Goldberg responded in kind to a snarky viewer who referred to her as an “old broad” during a live broadcast of The View. The five hosts of the show—Goldberg, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Alyssa Farah Griffin—took their seats at the start of the program, at which point a dispute broke out.

The camera then focused on one of the two masked spectators, who was donning eyeglasses and a heavy fur cap. Hostin shared his viewpoint, stating that becoming older is better than dying.

Whoopi responded to the audience by joking about how thrilled she was to be getting older. Whoopi has contacted her former co-star before; in fact, she appealed for the same thing last year while appearing on The One Show.