Former UGA quarterback Convicted And Arrested For Intoxication In Public

Stenson Bennett, the major, high leagued, famous and cultivating dreamboat, who is the quarterback for the University of Georgia’s back-to-back national championship teams, was unfortunately so, convicted and charged with public intoxication in Texas on Sunday morning.

A Tale So Tragic

The police worked in Old East Dallas were called to the 1600 block of Tribeca Way around 6 a.m., early morning after they got reports of a crazed man who was consistently banging all the doors in that area in particular, which people utterly confirmed to be under the influence of alcohol.

When the police finally reached that area, they found the 25 year old Bennett and they knew for sure that he was drunk since a long time and was being a menace in a rather pleasant neighbourhood where everyone preferred being quiet and composed after a certain time period at night. This was reported by the Dallas police to the news outlets.

The Detention centres stretched throughout the city hadn’t and weren’t planning to confirm with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution if at all the former star quarterback Bennett had been released just yet, but Dallas TV station WFAA reported that he was released from the facility around 10:45 AM for sure. He was seen wearing a rather covered up pitch black hoodie and was escorted into a black SUV by the law enforcement officers.

Similar Tragedies In The Past

He is, as of now, in the Texas training for the 2023 NFL drafting after completing one of the most bright, undeterred and successful careers in Georgia’s football history till date. He finished 4th in voting for the 2022 Heisman Trophy, an award that was  presented once every year particularly to the top player in college football – while passing for 4,127 yards and 27 touchdowns during the Bulldogs’ 15-0 season.

An overachiever as clearly seen by most of his wins in matches, during the 65-7 championship victory over TCU, Bennett had arguably had the best game of his entire career with six touchdowns (four passing and two rushing). In 2021, he passed for almost 3,000 yards and 29 touchdowns while simultaneously, with his intensive skills, leading Georgia to the national title — the first for the program in 41 years! Bennett’s arrest is the third off-the-field tragedy/incident involving a player associated with the football program. How, you ask? Well, two of the other very disappointing situations have taken place in the past. Allow me to walk you through it.

The first one being the Offensive lineman Devin Willock and football staff member Chandler LeCroy who were mercilessly killed in an auto accident on the 15th of January, a few hours after the championship celebration in Athens. This couldn’t have taken place at a worse time. The second tragedy being that of Rara Thomas, who had joined the program back in December as a transfer from Mississippi State and was arrested right one month later on the 23rd of January on charges of false imprisonment and family violence.