Federal Judge Rules And Now Civil Rights Lawsuit against Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha Can Go On

A Façade Of Sorts

A civil rights lawsuit against Kyle Rittenhouse and the Wisconsin city and county of Kenosha will be allowed to proceed, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. Anthony Huber was one of the three men shot by Rittenhouse while the August 2020 protests were happening with full force, regarding the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man by a white man belonging to a Kenosha police department.

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Back in November of 2021, Kyle was seemingly charged with a homicide trial in the deaths of Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36. He also was found utterly not guilty of injuring Gaige Grosskreutz, a 26 year old. The lawsuit that was filed in the August of 2021 in federal court by the Huber family duly seeks to hold all the municipalities and the law enforcement officers absolutely involved in the police response to the protests that were feasible for Huber’s death.

Kyle and the city and county of Kenosha however seeks to shut off the case in a counter argument of the case having failed to totally and properly convict federal civil rights claims. Both the motions to dismiss these claims were perpetually denied. The Judge who goes by the name Lynn Adelman, wrote in his ruling that The Defendants’ conduct as is written in the complaint, regards facing the protestors into a very small area with armed individuals and then simultaneously failing to defend the protestors from violence that was used by the armed men.

Surge Of Hope

The case has now successfully moved to discovery and a jury trial should plausibly be scheduled. Huber’s family lawyers have said that this ruling puts Anthony’s family an inch closer to reaching justice for the son’s unnecessary and abrupt death. The Kenosha officials who create such a massive powder keg condition by their vile actions tried to mercilessly claim that they can’t at all be held responsible for their behaviour which was rather unprofessional and inhumane.

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Huber’s parents, John Huber and Karen Bloom, also issued a statement after the decision and said that nobody should take them for granted because their fight to hold these responsible for Anthony’s death accountable will continue without any doubt whatsoever. Neither Kyle nor the Kenosha Police department who actually authorised this can ever run away from justice. This case is one of the intensive ongoing civil rights lawsuit filed during the 2020 shootings. Grosskreutz last year filed a similar lawsuit against Kyle.

The public is in unison with their thoughts regarding this case, with people saying that they absolutely don’t believe that this was self defense. People are accusing Kyle to have gotten there to kill otherwise he would have left his gun at home. People are also saying that a civil lawsuit is of utmost importance right now because there’s an individual who is profiting from the utter loss of life and has now become the poster child for the right wing party. Nonetheless, it’s a relief that the family seems to be getting some justice.