Elon Musk reports fired Twitter engineer on spot after worker told him his popularity sinking on site

According to a recent article from the tech journal Platformer, Elon Musk dismissed a senior Twitter programmer who informed him that he was losing popularity on the platform.

Twitter Developers

Musk met with a number of Twitter developers on Tuesday to talk about his view count on Twitter, which has been declining recently, according to Platformer. According to the story, the billionaire had previously tasked staff to investigate if his reach on the network had been limited because of a potential problem with Twitter’s algorithm.

Platformer said that Musk scolded the staff, “This is crazy,” according to many people with direct knowledge of the discussion. I’m only receiving tens of thousands of impressions while having more than 100 million followers.

According to Platformer, the workers gave Musk internal data and a Google Trends graphic that suggested public interest in the billionaire was dwindling. According to Google Trends data, his popularity peaked at 100 in April, around the time he made an attempt to purchase Twitter, and has since declined to 9.


Platformer stated Musk informed the employee he was dismissed after he suggested that Musk’s reputation could be waning due to a lack of public interest following his purchase of Twitter. As he was not persuaded after the meeting that his view count had not been harmed by an internal problem, the billionaire reportedly advised certain staff to monitor how frequently his tweets are suggested on the website, according to the magazine.

A reply from Musk and one from a Twitter representative was requested by Insider before the article was published.

The billionaire temporarily changed his Twitter profile to Private last week to see whether it would boost the number of people who saw his posts. In December, the social media platform introduced a public view count for user tweets.

Following an attempt to roll out many new features on Wednesday, Twitter had an outage that prevented some users from sending tweets or direct messages. After the corporation let go of thousands of employees, Insider’s Kali Hays earlier stated that the social networking site would see some difficulties in the upcoming months.

It’s not the first time Musk has immediately dismissed a worker. Three Twitter workers who had publicly opposed Musk were let go by Musk only a few weeks after he decided to take the company private.

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Elon Musk has been worried with concerns over his tweets’ visibility for some weeks. The Twitter CEO last week tried a day of making his account private to see whether it would increase the amount of his audience. The action was taken in response to complaints from several well-known right-wing accounts with whom Musk communicates that Twitter’s recent changes had decreased their reach.

In search of solutions on Tuesday, Musk gathered a team of engineers and advisors in a room at Twitter’s headquarters. Why is his engagement rate plummeting?

According to many people with direct knowledge of the meeting, he responded, “This is ludicrous.” I’m only receiving tens of thousands of impressions while having more than 100 million followers.

One of the company’s two surviving major engineers gave a potential explanation for Musk’s dwindling influence: the public’s interest in the Tesla CEO’s antics is waning little over a year after his stunning attempt to purchase Twitter for $44 billion.