Don Lemon Told To Take A Day Off After He Screams At Co Host On Air

Workplace Frenzy

CNN staff members are in a state of a frenzy right after the network’ very popular man who goes by the name Don Lemon apparently exploded on air over his co-star Kaitlan Collin’s interruption while he was talking. In an off-camera spat, it was pretty clear that he isn’t able to handle the pressure around morning television.

Don was reportedly struggling to share his fame and spotlight after his AM move and at the same time a heated discussion that was rather unpleasant and unnecessary was also reported at the CNN This Morning set. This incident took place on the 8th of December. The seeming conversation was so fired up that the employees are still shaken by it, even today.

Sources have classified that Don, 56 went up to Kaitlan, 30 right after the show was broadcasted and convicted her of interrupting her unabashedly during their entire segment. He screamed at her and she was quite upset as she should be and ran out of the studio, embarrassed. This news went on to CNN honcho Christ Licht, who is already going through a ton of things while struggling to keep the network and its number going up.

Spiralling Downwards

In spite of all his headaches, sources have reportedly claimed that Licht is unhappy and disappointed by Don’s demeanor who was told by a fellow producer to leave work for the rest of the day and go cool off after this incident took place. The night after this fight broke down, Don and Kaitlan were supposed to get a few drinks before hitting a White House Christmas party for the press. Don was seen heading to dinner with his agent, Jay Sures. Kaitlan is on the other hand, CNN’s youngest chief White House Correspondent, and even she is represented by Sures, and now wants nothing to do with Don after their fight.

She has been reportedly heard saying that she wants to be with or around Don on set as little as possible. The entire situation surrounding the morning show is messy and she has nothing to do with him. Licht has however tried very hard to dissolve the problems the network is facing after he had taken over it last year this time. He even fired tens of hundreds of employees.

Unfortunately, his efforts haven’t shown a lot of good color with CNN recording its worst rating last week, after 9 years of going smoothly. Some people say that this was intentionally done so Don could get himself fired. People accused him of being a narcissist and not wanting to share his screen space with anyone else for that matter. Don has been called a suave leftist and people say they can’t stand him as he is too full of himself as well gone on so far as to call him the worst journalist ever. He is accused of adding his own opinions to stories rather than reporting facts like an actual journalist.