880 Dead Migrants’ Remains Discovered as US-Mexico Border Immigrants Spike During Biden’s Presidency

According to statistics, the number of dead immigrants found at the US-Mexico border increased during President Joe Biden’s first full year in office last year to the highest level ever.

The 880 deaths are significantly more than the 247 to 329 bodies that were discovered year between 2014 and 2020. The findings were made by landowners and reported to the federal government by police from the local, state, tribal, and federal levels.

With more persons apprehended trying to enter the US illegally since March 2021 than at any other point in the Border Patrol’s century-long history, the latest finding highlights the human cost of the Biden administration’s border crisis. In 2021, there were 568 immigrant fatalities, and that year saw a surge in unlawful entry invasions.

The construction of the border wall under the Trump administration, according to immigration advocacy groups, has driven illegal immigrants to cross in more difficult locations.

The American Immigration Council said that the Biden administration’s decision to maintain Title 42, a pandemic-related policy that permitted the government to reject some immigrants at the border, was a factor in the rise in fatalities because it forced people to cross in isolated areas to avoid arrest.

More bodies were found in the south-central area of Texas, which includes the border town of Del Rio, than in any of the other nine areas that make up the southern border’s 2,000 miles. There were 255 confirmed dead immigrants in the Del Rio region, 210 in the Rio Grande Valley in southeast Texas, and 134 in Tucson, Arizona.

Fifty-three immigrants perished in a tractor-trailer that a human smuggler had left on the side of the road in San Antonio while it was traveling from the border city of Laredo, Texas, in an event that received international notice last summer.
Several immigrants have died after falling from the top of the 30-foot-tall border wall built under Trump’s leadership, while others have drowned while attempting to swim across the Rio Grande.

Over the previous few years, both the number of fatalities and the number of immigrants who were saved by Border Patrol have increased. Rescues increased threefold between 2019 and 2021, according to publicly available data, although the dataset for 2022 is not yet available.

Agents saved 16,897 immigrants between October 2021 and June 2022, compared to 4,920 throughout 2019, 5,071 throughout 2020, and 12,833 throughout 2021.

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Border Patrol Has Fake US Birth Certificate

Meanwhile, a border agent who deported hundreds of people was later found to have a phony birth certificate. He had been using a fake American birth certificate for years. He was an unauthorized alien.

For the first time in Raul Rodriguez’s 54 years of existence, his father admitted that he was born in Mexico. Too late now. The former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent had just been placed on administrative leave when he was let go in 2019 because he was no longer eligible to work as a CBP agent due to citizenship requirements.

Because they were unable to prove Rodriguez had filed a forged birth certificate when he applied for a job, the prosecution decided not to press any charges. Background checks had not turned up the bogus paper for several years. Everything changed when he began applying for his brother’s visa.

Rodriguez’s life fell apart as soon as he was put on leave and subsequently dismissed. He believed he had made many friends during his many years at the agency, but they all vanished. Even friends he knew at the neighborhood café pretended not to notice him as his phone fell silent. He calculated that Rodriguez had expelled thousands of illegal immigrants.

He was now dealing with immigration enforcement from the other side. His wife, an immigration officer, their four children, and their five grandkids would all be left behind if he were deported. The efforts to repatriate veterans who had been wrongfully deported and the members of their immediate families as well as to ensure they get any benefits to which they may be eligible were restructured in 2021 by the Biden administration.

Despite having a judge’s decision in his favor, Rodriguez had to wait in line to be processed. His case has been pending for the past five years. He has occasionally felt gloomy and alone. He currently receives partial disability benefits due to injuries he incurred while serving in the navy.

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