6th January Investigators Say FBI And Other Organizations Could Have Performed Better In Controlling Capitol Mob

The House Jan. 6 committee concluded in a press conference that the FBI and many other agencies working for more or less the same cause could have easily controlled this dispute that took place on an extensive scale platform from invading the Capitol if at all they had occupied and acted in a more constructive kind altogether. This wasn’t reported by any of the news channels.

Saddening Debacle

A Federal prosecutor who goes by the name Tim Heaphy, the committee’s chief investigative counsel, blatantly said that while he absolutely publicizes the panel’s major investigation that then-President Donald Trump had originally started out the riot by urging protesters to go to the Capitol, his probe well modestly documented how federal law enforcement failures had come together to create such an unhinged situation full of disappointment.

What had taken place at the Capitol was also very much affected by the entire law enforcement’s consistent failure to bring them together and operationalize their potential. Law enforcement had a direct handling of the ultimate debacle that was created.

A few of the investigators also found out that the Capitol was defended on the 6th of January not just because of an intelligence failure but because of a failure to act upon the intelligence which clearly showed that the extremists had planned from a long time ago to come to Washington and make use of violence in order to stop Congress from putting forth Joe Biden’s victory in the elections.

What Were The Glitches

A lot of experts have come to this conclusion. Still, Heaphy hadn’t spoken about this before about the findings of the Blue Team, the group of committee investigators who spent almost a year reviewing the performance of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the Capitol Police, the Department of Defense and Washington’s police with regard to the 6th of January attack.

The Blue Team was headed by senior investigative counsel who goes by the name Soumya Dayananda, who had also once assisted in prosecuting Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican former drug lord. She, however, didn’t wish to comment on this in its totality. Heaphy offered a somewhat different area of the lookout, saying that the investigators found that both Trump’s actions and law enforcement failures had played quite a primitive role in this decline. He also said that the investigators had found quite a few glitches.

  1. The Capitol Police couldn’t put forth enough police force that could protect and defend the building.
  2. The FBI and DHS as well as other agencies who were charged with bringing out intelligence together hadn’t given much effort to put out the threat that was given way before the actual incident.
  3. The FBI and DHS made a very uptight mistake by not publishing a Joint Intelligence Bulletin regarding the threats they were watching, which might have prompted a more focused and controlled defense of the Capitol.
  4. There was apparently a massive confusion about which federal agency was actually in charge, which brought about a halt right after the Capitol was breached.