16 Year Old Girl Murdered By Shark During Exuberant Swim With Dolphins: Very Traumatic

Distorted And Dismembered

A 16 year old girl was ruthlessly killed during a shark attack in Australia, recently. The authorities in the Fremantle District have said that the teen was apparently swimming with a pod of dolphins inside the Swan River a few moments before the tragedy on Saturday, the 4th of February. Whoever saw her first, immediately tried giving her CPR but she was declared dead at the scene itself.

A teen, slender and dainty was also inside the river with a few of her friends and she recounted the entire story to the officers on the scene who had rushed to assist the girl before the teenagers were rescued by a person on the jet ski. When the police finally came by, the others on the scene knew something was going on because before that none of the authorities had said anything and the others were kind of still jumping off the rope swing.


According to the East Fremantle district inspector Paul Robinson, friends of the victim also witnessed the attack and were shook by how it had gone down. Mr Robinson said that she was jet skiing a while before the gruesome death and then jumped on the water before the incident around 3.20pm. He also went on to say that this incident was utterly traumatic for each one of the individuals involved and everyone who knew the young little girl. He added that it was highly unusual for a shark to be that far down the river.

Massive Protection Measures

Thankfully enough a shark warning was sent immediately so the other visitors could move away as the police came to investigate. Last time something of this sort had happened was weirdly exactly a century ago when a 13 year old girl was bitten to death in 1923. It hasn’t however been revealed which kind of a shark had bitten the 16 year old girl.


The mass is absolutely divided with their views of aquatic life and their inclusion in it now. Some had said that they are too incoherent and scared now to get into water because sharks are killing more and more human each passing day and no one has any idea whatsoever why. People say they used to be able to comfortably swim with only small fishes or seaweed hitting their legs, never the threat of another mammal, this massive and dangerous. The shark could have gone for any other fish but it went after the little girl and it took her life, a bright future right off o her hands with her family left there to fend for themselves without her glowing presence in their lives.

Usually wherever there are dolphins, there are sharks and the dolphins should have been able to drive the shark away but it looks like tragedy was written beforehand for the teenager who couldn’t be saved unfortunately. Many people have now started taking measures to not go swimming casually without prior knowledge or information about what’s going on around.