$15 Billion for Texas Property Tax Cut, Gov. Greg Abbott Proposes

Gov. Greg Abbott proposes Texas property tax cut by using $15 billion and to ban COVID-19 restrictions during his State of the State address.

Gov. Greg Abbott
Gov. Greg Abbott proposes to use $15 billion for Texas property tax cuts. (Photo: KXAN)

$15 Billion for Texas Property Tax Cut

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott delivered his State of the State Address on Thursday night from San Marcos. He strongly emphasized his economic agenda, to use $15 billion for Texas property tax cut, to ban COVID-19 restrictions, and several emergency items tot he Texas lawmakers.

In a published article in MSN News, he said “As I travel across our great state, one thing I hear loud and clear – property taxes are suffocating Texans. We must fix that this session,” Saying this, he also added that Texas has the biggest surplus budget in the history.

Likewise, Abbott also emphasized and said, “We should return it to you with the largest property tax cut in the history of the State of Texas. Working with Sen. Huffman and Rep. Bonnen, we have all proposed using $15 billion to cut property taxes. Now, we must ensure that it provides lasting property tax relief. To get that done, cutting property taxes is an emergency item this legislative session,” according to a report published in AUDACY.

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How the $15 Billion Will Be Spent for Texas Property Tax Cut?

The state governor wants to spend $15 billion for Texas property tax and at least $750 million on school safety measures that include security and expanding mental health. Meanwhile, he also reiterated his vow to fully fund the borders and it will be included in his 2024-2025 budget proposal.

In a document that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote, he said, “To build the Texas of tomorrow, we must continue the State’s unrelenting efforts to build infrastructure, grow the energy sector, improve job training and public education, and ensure healthcare access — all while keeping Texans safe and preserving the freedoms we enjoy today for future generations,”  according to an article published in Texas Tribune.

Furthermore, the idea on how Gov. Greg Abbot the Texas property tax cut to happen was both agreed by the Republican lawmakers. It is assumed that it will get an approval in both chambers.

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