13 Year Old Karon Blake Sobbed And Begged For Mercy As He Was Shot

A man who shot and killed a middle school student brutally without a second thought he was getting inside a car. The man is now charged with second-degree murder.

Deadly Drama

The man named Jason Lewis, 41, turned himself into police in Washington, DC, on the morning of Tuesday after the law enforcement obtained a warrant for his apparent arrest. Lewis, an employee of DC’s Department of Parks and Recreation, is facing one sordid count of second-degree murder while armed, according to the documents presented in court.

The accusation came a few weeks after Lewis gruesomely shot a 13-year-old boy who goes by the name Karon Blake right outside his house early in the morning of the 7th of January. Lewis is apparently a licensed concealed carry permit holder and he told the law enforcement officers that he was in bed when he heard noises right outside and observed that someone appeared to be tampering with vehicles and wanting to get inside.

Lewis told police that he had called out “Hey! What are y’all doing?” before Karon “bee-lined” at him “in a full sprint to the front of his gate,” according to a file that was shown in court. Lewis then shot him twice. But according to the court documents, Lewis shot the gun thrice, one of which went and hit a vehicle beside Karon. According to the documents, Karon is heard shouting “I am sorry,” “Please don’t,” “No,” “I am a kid,” and “I am only 12” a couple of times as Lewis fires his weapon at the innocent child. Images from surveillance footage clearly show Lewis standing at an open gate at his home with his left arm extended toward the sidewalk.

Trial And Error

The kid was then rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The medical examiner taking his case for the District of Columbia said very clearly that he died from getting a few too many gunshot wounds and told this case was a homicide. The chief of the police said from the surveillance video that Karon and another kid were “peering into cars that were in the block in front of where Mr. Lewis resides and they were going into the cars.” Nonetheless, he said that Lewis’ actions put the crime into place otherwise this entire thing wouldn’t have happened.

Flowers in memory of Karon Blake via AP Photo Carolyn Kaster
Flowers are secured to a pole as a memorial to Karon Blake, 13, on the corner of Quincy Street NE and Michigan Avenue NE in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023. The note reads, “Karon we will love and miss you dearly.” Karon Blake was shot and killed on the 1000 block of Quincy Street NE early morning Saturday, Jan. 7, 2023. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

This kid wouldn’t have been dead had it not been for Lewis and his pre-conceived notion about black men, even kids for that matter. Anybody with some heart would empathize in some way, shape, or fashion. This man should have been alive and happy. Lewis’s lawyer Lee Smith said that his client was innocent.

While this is a tragedy in all senses, he believes that the jury will find that there wasn’t a crime. He went on to say that “Mr. Lewis has dedicated his career to mentoring and supporting youth in the District of Columbia, which only adds to how distraught he is over the death of Karon Blake. “