Woman captured in sleeping bag at Twitter HQ becomes one of the company’s most ‘influential leaders’

Working long hours at Twitter seems to pay off greatly.

Ask Twitter’s director of product management, Esther Crawford.

Crawford uploaded a picture of herself sleeping on the floor inside the Twitter offices in November while donning an eye mask and a silver sleeping bag.

She tweeted, “When your team is working nonstop to meet deadlines, sometimes you #SleepWhereYouWork.”

There have been rumors that workers have been putting in 12-hour days or longer since Musk recently assumed control of the firm as CEO.

When the image of Crawford went public, many criticized the San Francisco-based Twitter employee for allegedly fostering a terrible workplace. Some even made light of the fact that she wouldn’t have a job in a week, so why bother?

Crawford appears to be winning the argument for now, though. According to former and current Twitter employees, Crawford has “become among the most important leaders left from the old guard” since the sleeping bag incident, according to a Financial Times article.

Encounter With Musk

Crawford, 39, was a mid-level employee before Musk took over Twitter, but that changed in part as a result of the Twitter photo and a fortuitous interaction with Musk at Twitter’s coffee shop, The Perch.

According to sources who spoke with FT, Crawford met Musk one-on-one and convinced him to meet with her to discuss remuneration and creators. Many top leaders were incensed by the action since it was above their heads.

Musk must, however, have like what he heard. Since then, Crawford has assisted in the establishment of Twitter Blue, a premium membership service with verified blue check status that costs users $8.

One of the few women in this role, she was recently named chief executive of Twitter Payments and is said to be a member of Musk’s Twitter inner circle.

Famous Figure

Around the Twitter headquarters, Crawford is either adored or despised.

Crawford, according to several insiders, “has the magnetic energy needed to help change Twitter’s floundering company.” She is despised as a sycophant and opportunist by other ex-employees.

Crawford is renowned for her positive attitude and Twitter tweets that promote self-empowerment.

In 2020, Crawford joined Twitter. She had previously been a YouTube video blogger.

She has written on her blog about growing up in a violent cult. She added that her family was indigent and receiving assistance.

When asked for comment, neither Crawford nor Musk got back to FT. Crawford, however, recently asked in a tweet if it was preferable to be in the media with fake information and a wonderful shot or with true information and a poor photo.

The audience chose “accurate and positive information.”

Other Reports, Elon Musk

The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that a Twitter director received a reprimand for setting up a private meeting with Elon Musk days before the acquisition’s closing.

Esther Crawford, the director of product management, presented herself to Musk during Musk’s initial visit to Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, according to sources with knowledge of the situation who spoke to the Financial Times.

According to the sources who spoke with the newspaper, Crawford scheduled a meeting with Musk where she intended to share her thoughts about the site’s creators and payments.

Musk admired her ideas, but other workers were displeased with her action, according to persons acquainted with Twitter operations who spoke to the FT.

Crawford was admonished by a senior executive for approaching Musk without first speaking to them, according to the FT’s sources.