Will There Be A Stimulus Check in 2023?

Pres. Joe Biden’s cryptic New Year’s Eve tweet has numerous Americans assuming about another surge of stimulus checks in 2023.

According to Megan Loe of WCNC, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress has passed three bills that included stimulus checks, formally known as Economic Impact Payments, sent to millions of Americans.

Biden gentled himself on the back in his tweet because of the new bills passed in 2022.

“Major legislation to lower costs for working families and seniors, help keep our communities safe from gun violence, and produce good- paying jobs across the country,” Biden tweeted.

“We ’ve got further work to do. I look forward to further progress in the new time,” the tweet said. This vaguer part of the message has kept people talking.

The Ascent reported that although Biden hasn’t explained further on what he was pertaining to, he could be speaking about some of the plans in his Build Back Better action, which failed to pass beforehand on in his term.

The extension of the expanded Child Tax Credit has been one of the most important provisions in the proposed legislative package. President Biden campaigned on expanding the credit and managed to get the measure passed temporarily as part of the COVID- 19 relief trouble.

The American Rescue Plan gave $3,600 credit to parents who have children youngish than six and $3,000 for parents who have children between the periods of six and 17. Half of the money for the plan was deposited into bank accounts and the rest was granted when parents filed their taxes. This action expired at the end of 2021.

Although Biden would probably have the support of numerous Democrats if he fought to bring the credit back, he’d still face an uphill battle given that Republicans just took back control of the House of Representatives.